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Offering tailored support around commercial  property investments in Germany

 Dr. Claus Proschka

is a law firm specializing in commercial real estate advisory services for investors, developers and lenders. The firm's approach is to provide comprehensive advice around commercial real estate investments in Germany, including
  • purchase and sale transaction management,
  • real estate finance, equity / debt structuring,
  • leasing, landlord representation,
  • refurbishment / redevelopment project management,
  • intensive care / workout situations,
  • representation in legal proceedings.
Claus Proschka is a senior lawyer and real estate professional with more than 20 years experience in international real estate investment and finance. With a small inhouse team and an extensive network in the German real estate industry, Claus and his team are committed to providing high-quality services individually tailored to their clients' requirements.
Please visit also Claus' company website www.target-im.com.
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